Welcome to our brand new website – it is a work in progress so bear with us …

The purpose of this literary salon/speakeasy is to create a community around new and established authors and poets whose work relates to compassion and wellbeing.

The intention is that it will be a place for people to connect, inspire and support using books and prose as a means through which to consider the various aspects of human existence in an increasingly fragmented and challenging global community.

This is a compassionate initiative to facilitate and strengthen community and belonging. The salon I hope will celebrate, inspire and cultivate creativity, innovation, self-compassion and individual and societal wellness.

Each Salon follows a similar format with an author and/or poet and a host who joins the author in an intimate conversation around their work and the meaning of compassion to them.  A poem of the authors choice is read out at the salon by a chosen speaker. This conversation is then opened out to the audience.

We look forward to you joining us online or in our salon home, Steel Coulson Tap, Leith      

Dr Marti Balaam
Director and Founder

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