Isabel Losada 19th August 2020

RSA x Compassion Salon presents:

Title: Compassion and Joyful Environmentalism: A joyful evening with Isabel Losada

Isabel Losada bestselling author of ‘The Battersea Park Road to Enlightenment’ (& 6 other books) will host the compassion salon on the 19th of August by condensing everything she has learnt about becoming a joyful environmentalist into one event.

In mixture of comedy, inspirational & motivational talk, storytelling and entertaining pragma-tism – Isabel will provide a salon that is
focused exclusively on solutions. Our greatest point of power, Isabel points out with an un-avoidable logic – is ourselves.

Subjects Isabel may include are shopping, dressing, banking, travelling, volunteering, eat-ing, gardening, sleeping, drumming, shouting, campaigning, story-telling, wilding, and heat-ing your home. The evening will include a short quiz, encouragement to eat well and ways to save money.

Isabel Losada is a British author of narrative non-fiction. Her most recent full-length books (Sensation and The Joyful Environmentalist: How to Practise without Preaching) combine humor with a serious look at their subject matters and are true-life accounts of her own ex-periences. Details can be found at

In promoting her books Isabel has spoken at The Edinburgh International Festival, Hay, Brighton Festival, Wigtown Book Festival, Penzance Literature Festival, The West Cork Literature Festival, Dartington’s Ways with Words Festival (Dartington) Aberdeen Word Festival Fringe by the Sea, Soho House (London) as well as nu-merous other smaller festivals, corporate speaking events, Universities, Schools and theatres. A trained actress, comedian and public speaker – Isabel enjoys per-forming for a live audience either in person or virtually.

Thank you so much for ‘Life, Happiness and Everything.’ It was a fantastically entertaining, inspiring and educational evening! We had a fantastic feedback from all the clients that at-tended the event and we want to invite you back as soon as possible.

Kennedy’s Law Firm Events. (2019)

‘You certainly know how to entertain an audience. You’re an excellent speaker.’

Rosie Boycott at The Hay International Book Festival (2018)

Isabel Losada gave a bravura performance at her sold out event. Everyone was spellbound and we definitely we all learned a lot too. I think what you are doing is very important and so worthwhile.

Judy Piatkus – Director of ‘Conscious Café – London (2019)

Her talk was funny, engaging and inspiring. The customer feedback was unequivocally pos-itive and the shop was full even though we had very little publicity.
Waterstones – Canterbury (May 2019)

She is the one of the best speakers, the most entertaining and the most passionate we’ve ever had. Please come back soon.’

No Alibis – Belfast (May 2019)