A Compassionate Childhood – Dr Lucy Maddox & Dr Marti Balaam

1st October 2020

Compassion and mental health: focus on children and young people

About this Event

Why is compassion so important for children and young people? What has it got to do with mental health? And how can we talk to children and young people about mental health and compassion?

The roots of our adult selves go right back to early experiences, so the way we equip children with the language and skills to be able to think about how to be kind to themselves and each other, the better it is for their wellbeing.

Dr Lucy Maddox talks about her book for children aged 10 and older: What is Mental Health? and how ideas from it can be incorporated into everyday conversations. Her previous book, Blueprint: How Our Childhood Makes Us Who We Are, sets the backdrop for why the compassionate foundation we give our children is so important. Lucy talks to Dr Marti Balaam, founder of The Compassion Salon.