Compassionate Minds – Julian Abel & Paul Gilbert

22 October 2020

About this Event

There is an expanding evidence base for the use of compassion in the alleviation of mental health difficulties and the promotion of wellbeing. Both Paul and Julian’s work provides strong evidence of the profound benefits of including compassion in our lives, our cities, our schools, our Universities and all other private and public settings.

So how do we promote wellbeing through the scientific understanding and application of compassion in all domains of human life for the benefits of us all?

Dr Julian Abel spent his working life as a specialist palliative care doctor. Julian is the Director of Compassionate Communities UK and has developed a special interest in compassionate communities, initially as part of supporting people undergoing experiences of death, dying, loss and care giving. Over the last few years he has worked with Frome Medical Practice applying the compassionate community approach to healthcare in general, with some startling results. He is Director of Compassionate Communities UK, a charity which aims to share the lessons learnt in both palliative care and primary care more broadly.

Julian’s experience and results from Frome are documented in his book co-written with Lindsay Clark, The Compassion Project: A case for hope & human kindness from the town that beat loneliness.


Professor Paul Gilbert, FBPsS, PhD, OBE is Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Derby and Consultant Clinical Psychologist at the Derbyshire Health Care Foundation Trust. He has researched evolutionary approaches to psychopathology for over 35 years with a special focus on shame and the treatment of shame based difficulties, for which compassion focused therapy (CFT) was developed. He has written and edited 20 books and established the Compassionate Mind Foundation in 2006. He was awarded an OBE in March 2011